Branding & Logos Abroad

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I’ve been working fairly hard these last few months. Not only creating flyers and posters for all of the venues and promoters in the Hampton Roads area, but more recently, designing corporate logos for higher end clientele, such as law … Continue reading

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With Each New Semester Comes New Responsibilities

It’s been some time since I was free enough to actually make a constructive post to this thing, but seeing since as I’ve begun a new semester of instruction with 19 energetic and eager to learn students, I’d best  be back on my game with showcasing my craft as well.

Since launching my company in the Winter of 2010, I have been extremely fortunate to see its immense growth and prosperity over the last year and some change.  From the level of my clientele to the various locations of repeat customers across the nation, I have been blessed.  Each day is no walk in the park however, but the struggle to keep on top of my work and satisfy every customer with a strong product result is something that I always promise and continue to strive for.  The Collective Artistry can’t truly grow without holding to its promises, and neither can or will I.

Artist, Professor, Entrepreneur, and now Business Owner. That job title has a nice ring to it.  I could get used to such a suffix of titles following my name.  Now if the profit will only grow as rapidly as the company, then we’ll be on to something!!

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Touchdown For A Cure

Being given not only the opportunity to be a part of this event, but the responsibility of creating the advertising materials for it, once asked to design the flyer for the “Touchdown For A Cure Charity Flag Football Tournament” Event, I was more than honored.  This event, just like several others before it, will strive to raise money to go towards Breast Cancer Awareness through the Susan G. Komen Fund.  In collaboration with Pepsi, DTLR, Real Fresh Radio, Creative Nation, A Taste of Krush Bistro, CTG Enterprises, GLO Ent., and many other incredible sponsors, KMK Productions always touches Hampton Roads with signature events set to raise the bar for entertainment and charity across the board.

The Collective Artistry is grateful to have the ability to be involved in such an event.  No only behind the scenes, but this time, in the forefront.  See the flyer and poster designs below.  Please support the cause if interested.  This event will be fun and great for people of all ages.

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Continually increasing in business, as any successful business owner will tell you, return clientele is the BEST clientele.  It means that not only did you satisfy whomever you completed a particular project for the job prior, but you made such an impression on he/she made the decision to come back for more!

Responsible for creating most of the design and promotional marketing materials used by Mangos Sports Bar & Grill off of Newtown Rd in Virginia Beach, I recently completed a series of graphics to help further establish some of their successful weeknight festivities.  The imagery below are some of the many flyers for their Laugh Out Loud Thursdays event hosted by Comedian Montee Rogers.  This event takes place Each and Every Thursday at Mangos.  Come out and enjoy a relaxed Happy Hour filled with ridiculoud food and drink specials from 6-9PM and then indulge yourself by a short series of great comedians from 9-11PM. ALL AT NO COST!  #LaughOutLoudThursdays

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New Semester + Bigger Agenda = Greater Success

Throughout the course of this past Spring, I endured a lot of pivotal changes both in my life and career.  Continuing to press forward in spite of all hardships, I managed to discover the blessings resulting after each.  Building what was initially a small freelance design hobby into a fully established independent business, stabilizing myself as a college professor, and gaining access to potential business in other metropolitan areas, in retrospect, I must say that the year has begun to be pretty beneficial.

Now, the goggles in which I visualize my approaching future are much much clearer and almost as focused as I am on my goal. Satisfying clientele all across the East Coast, and still growing, “The Collective Artistry” continues on its voyage to the top.  PLease continue to follow along as we embark on yet another journey this fall!

Stay tuned….

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Standing on stage in front of a theater/auditorium full of people anxiously waiting to witness a good show has its high points.  Standing in front of a crowd filling the walls of a club waiting to hear the DJ mix his/her first record has its risks.  Standing in front of a camera man, waiting to read information off of teleprompter to conduct a broadcast can be insanely nerve-wracking.  With all my field experience in production and media relations, nothing is quite as invigorating as the real thing.  Since January of 2011 broke I have had the absolute pleasure of teaching the intro to digital media course, more formally titled The Fundamentals of Digital Art, at Old Dominion University.  Although it takes some getting used to, I would have to say that I’m  thoroughly enjoying the experience.

This time standing in front of a computer lab full of about 20 students, I spend two nights a week instructing aspiring designers the basic skills they’ll all need not only to survive this competitive business world, but the knowledge they’ll need to beat it!  Different than many of the studio courses I myself took in college (Maryland Institute College of Art), I have found unique ways to fill each course with excitement and still manage to make sure the students leave at the end of the night feeling as though they’ve learned something valuable with the time they’ve spent in my class.  I know as good as any student that, unlike grade school, tuition must be paid for..which means class is expensive. lol  If a teacher’s tutelage doesn’t warrant their pay, then they technically don’t deserve it.

I always figured I would start teaching eventually.  Primarily because anyone who’s grateful with all of the vital information they’ve soaked up over time should always choose to do the right thing and give back in some shape, form, or fashion.  Who would have ever thought it would be happening now though? Hope I can hack this new addition to my career path called ‘Higher Education.” Go Big Blue!!

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Celebrating was in Order as A New King & Queen Took The Throne

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As the stage lights dimmed and the dj began to play the record, a loud voice echoed from the sound room and the nights judges were introduced one by one.  This panel was compiled of various professionals in their given … Continue reading

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ADORE SANURA : “Where Music, Fashion, & Style Collide”

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Brooklyn native and upcoming R&B vocal sensation “Sanura,” known by close friends and loving family as Tiffany Harris is reaching higher heights with each passing day in the music, fashion, and entertaiment industry. Growing up in Virginia Beach, Sanura taught … Continue reading

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Bedford Stuyves Son….the Livest One!

From the menacing yet rhythm filled streets of Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, more familiarily known as “Bed Stuy,” young and talented artist/illustrator/designer Kent Floris continues to create masterpieces everytime he touches pen/pencil to paper.  A former collegue of mine at The Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore, Md, this creative genius has done much noteworthy work for various freelance and corporate companies in just a short span of time.

Since college, Floris hit the ground not just running, but sprinting, and hasn’t stopped since.  Making his staple as one of the lead graphic artists for Marc Ecko‘s globally known clothing empire, Ecko, Floris took his experience and teachings from MICA and molded a strong portfolio of work in the field.  He now resides in Connecticut, not too far from the city where he spends his days, further honing his skills and learning more of what the new technological world has to offer.

Check out just a taste of the talent created by the hands of none other than the Kent Floris:

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All Black Everything

Back together again, long time friends Randy aka “Blu” and Dave aka “Kapo” have decided to celebrate their birthday in none other than the most lavish style possible. Heavy hitters provided all night by none other than DJ Baby Boy, and a heavy list of expected attendees, this is an explosive party waiting to happen.  Granted with the opportunity once again to create the flyer for this ocassion, this freelance job doubled as a personal pleasure of mine because both individuals are also good friends of mine.  Joining the B.A.D. Ent. Promotions team, I thus serve as the final piece of the maximum puzzle.  Before forming Voltron, the rest of the team neaded the head. lol

This coming Friday, all other venues will cease to exist for the night as we present “The All Black Affair : Blue & Dave’s Official Birthday Bash.” Hope anyone who attends enjoys!

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